What is Lewd.It?

A real blogging experience

Lewd.It was designed for blogging. The primary features are the dashboard & your blog. We also have an explore section for finding new blogs.

The dashboard is a timeline of all the posts from the blogs you follow. Unlike the other social media & blogging sites, our timeline is consistent and you should see every single post a blogger uploads.

There's no shadowbanning or silent hiding of posts from your dashboard timeline. We also don't include suggested posts to ensure what you want to see is what you see. There's also some filtering options such as a tag blacklist and hiding reblogs.

A new home for your lewd artwork & creations

We want Lewd.It to be your new base of operations, a place to gather your fans in one place. We're here to stay and since we are primarily a NSFW site you don't have to fear migrating once more.

You may want to post some artwork you've finished, post some sketches or just talk about something. It's your choice how you use Lewd.It.

There's also no character limit and you can format your posts just like you can on other blogging sites.
Want some text to be bold? It can be bold.

A place suited for your needs

Whether you're an illustrator, animator, voice actor, writer or anything else creative, we welcome all sorts of people.

We want to design a place that is perfect for you independant of what you create. This means we are very open to hearing what users want out of a blogging site.

If you have a feature idea that would benefit you as user, feel free to recommend it to us via our onsite feedback tool.

Features & Planned Features

Lewd.It is still in Beta so not all the features are added yet. Below is a list of implemented and planned features.


A timeline feed of all the posts from blogs you follow. We do not hide or shadowban posts, we also don't throw in annoying suggested posts.

You can also find your notifications, followers, followed blogs, likes, posts & favourites in the dashboard menu.

If you have a blog you can also use the dashboard to create new posts.


If you decide to create a blog you will get your own page on the website.

This displays all the posts you have created in a timeline view. Users can filter these by all, text, images or videos.

People can also follow you by visiting your blog.

Filters & Blacklisting

For the dashboard you have an option to filter out reblogs. You can also decide if you want videos on the site to play with sound on (incognito watching).

You can also blacklist tags on the website, media posts with these tags will be censored.

These options can all be found under user settings.

External Embedding

All posts on Lewd.It can be used to embed and display media on external websites & applications.

For example you could post your artwork or animations on Lewd.It and then post the link to your post in Discord. It would then show the media from your post in Discord without any hastle.

Website Integrations

We are planning to use the API from sites such as Patreon & Picarto to connect them to Lewd.It.

For example, you could setup an automatic message for followers for when you're streaming or display a 'live now' message on your blog.

These future changes will hopefully be a huge quality of life improvement for creators.

Questions & Answers

We want to implement a system for your fans to interact with you and ask questions. Currently as it stands it seems creators use external (from their home site) to do this.

We'd like to change this by making it possible for users & strangers to ask you questions, which you can then reply to on your blog. Like the good ol' days.

Not Implemented