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A short update on the development of Lewd.It

Updates will be slow for a while; I'm currently in the process of updating the code-base, which will be a lot of un-noticeable work. This is a necessary slowdown as it'll make it a lot easier to develop & update features in the future.

This update will likely not effect anything visually but may improve performance in certain areas.

Along with this I've recently acquired a new full-time job so I won't have as much free time to work on updates. So that will contribute to this slowdown as well.

Hopefully I will have the code base updated soon and we can get round to improving the really outdated areas of the site.

24/05 Hotfix

- Removed the admin posts from explore, no need for them there, don't wanna take up the space! :)

- Updated & fixed the responsiveness of blog posts (this was integrated in the dashboard but not on blogs)

- Fixed comments not showing when opening a post on it's own or via a comment link

- Fixed reblogs appearing on the page when reblogging from explore, an opened post view or a blog that is not yours

Explore update hotfix

- Fix the notification blip location on the dashboards mobile menu

- Removed the follow buttons for guest users under the "Discover New Blogs" section on explore

- Videos will now pause when you play a new video

- Video modal now works again (Not even sure when this stopped working)

- Updated creator terms to be more clear & remove mentions of the "Mark as NSFW Artwork" button

Explore Update


- New timeline style layout

- Text posts now show on explore

- Interact with posts on explore (likes, favourites, reblogs, favourites etc)

- Follow creators from posts and side bar directly on explore

- Filters to hide certain post types in the explore timeline

- All submitted images & videos will now display on explore regardless of if they were marked or not marked as NSFW artwork before

- Improvements made to the trending & popularity system (it may take a while to kick in fully, but let me know how it feels in a few weeks)

- Search has been updated to follow the same timeline style to be consistent

- Search has been giving ordering options (Search will have fitlers added at a later date; the search sucks anyways)

Other changes:

- Some fading effects added to various elements (mostly posts)

- Like, reblog, favourite, comment buttons are now larger on mobile and tablet

- Improved the responsiveness for the width of dashboard feed

- Removed the 'Mark as NSFW Artwork' checkbox when creating or editing media posts