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Next step!

I was busy moving to my new place this week so didn't have much time to work on the site. Now I'm settled in a bit I've been looking at re-factoring the backend code.

Seems my best bet is to completely re-do all the databases & code, as it's a real mess. This may take a lot longer than I initially expected, but I'm determined to improve it beyond what it is right now.

Likely will not be released before New Years, but we may be looking at an ETA for January.

Code Rebase Part 1 - COMPLETE

Hi peeps,

I just released the code rebase for the front-end. The entire Javascript library has been re-written and lots of areas have been improved/updated.

Because of the changes being mostly minor and mostly just improvements to the code, I will not be listing everything that's been changed.

Hopefully you can notice the improved performance along with fixes to a lot of sections of the site.

Due to the size of this update, there may be bugs me & my tester didn't pick up on. If you encounter one, send it to me via the feedback/bug tool: 


Now I will re-cuperate and then start on start on the back-end code; thanks for being patient.

Final touches

We ran through some testing last night and I will be fixing all the bugs we picked up today, hopefully if all is well after that we can get this rebase out today.

Not much will change overall, but there may be some features removed or improved. The features that have been removed are likely going to be expanded upon in the future so have been temporarily disabled until the rebase is complete.

Delays delays..

Gonna be some delays on the rebase of the front-end.  Set the deadline for today, but due to a busy week and travel issues, I didn't get as much time as I hoped this week to work on it.

Judging from how much is done along with testing on top of it, we could see it during the following week.