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Brief interval for media conversions & loading

I'm currently working on transferring media over to a better system. It gives me more control on how images and videos are loaded plus what formats need to be loaded.

Mostly this is for my benefit as it makes it easier to add media to anything and also control how it is served to the client, however, you may notice the thumbnail quality will be better and loading times should be a bit faster.

Shouldn't take too long to get done and may require a brief interval of maintenance time whilst the process runs.

Post Launch Hotfixes - Changelog

- Discover New Blogs section on Explore fixed

- GIF uploads now upload the gif instead of converting to WebP

- Max file size fixed

- Creating/Editing Posts - description doesn't lose formatting when posted

- User role now shows correctly next to the user on the users profile

- View blog does not show on the user profile when they don't have a blog

- Adjusted navigation bar naming and positions

- External embeds for blogs will now show the blog owners profile image

- External embeds for posts will now show the appropriate title & image if available (I am currently looking into why videos won't embed)

- Adjusted meta data for blogs

We're finally out of BETA -  Changelog

We're finally out of BETA - Changelog

Yes the refactor is finally here, I've noticed a few things here and there that need improving upon but they will get sorted out over today and tomorrow.

First and foremost this was mostly a refactor of every single script on the site, along with the views that build up the pages and emails.

This was the bulk of the work, which is something you won't really see... but it will make my life easier and make updates faster.
Despite this I have also gone through and fixed or improved upon sections that really needed some love.

What has been added or changed?

- Reblogs will now chain, so you can now reblog a reblog then reblog that reblog to create a chain of reblogs

- Editing your blog is now done on the blog page so you can see a preview as you go

- Opening a user profile is now cleaner and embeded into the dashboard layout (though this should also load like the dashboard and will be fixed later)

- User settings have also been moved to your dashboard and now requires no clicking save, it will automatically save for you (except the image, you need to hit save)

- A proper ticketing tool WITH communication has been added https://lewd.it/tickets now I can reply back and we can have a real conversion

- Favourites have been removed till I can give you a reason for them, don't worry your existing favourites are still stored in the database!

- New email layout, and plenty more information in the emails throughout the user journey

- You may notice notifications have been wiped, due to the changes to that system I couldn't transfer them over

Along with all these changes there has been many many bug fixes, improvements to unseen areas of code.

With how big this update was, I wouldn't expect there to not be bugs as I'm a one man army afterall. Please do report any you encounter and I'll get to fixing them as soon as possible.

Many thanks for continuing to use Lewd.it!

We're pretty close

Some minor tweaks here and there and a  review of the video conversion process and I will be getting onto writing scripts to import the current database to the new database as the structure has changed.

Feels like a century since I started refactoring, probably because it's been a year or so, but it's nice to see a finish line in site.

After testing is done, I'll announce when it's time as I will have to take the website down temporarily whilst I transfer the database (max an hour or so maybe less).

It has been a while...

Yep, I'm still alive. I thought I'd drop in and let you all know on the progress of things.

Essentially most of the hard coding bits are out of the way and 95% of the code has been refactored and improved. There's likely a few bugs to root out but that will be done when I start testing. Along with this, new features have been added and existing ones have been improved upon.

Currently what stands to be done is:

- Improvements to the emails & templating system for the site (to make it easier for me to create new ones)

- Scripts to transfer old database tables to the new improved database structure

- There is also some small things to add before I go live with the changes


Hopefully we should see a release of this refactor by the end of the year, and I apologise for the huge delay, working as a full time programmer then programming in my spare time has been difficult to say the least.

Either way, looking forward to getting it done and seeing what you all think! :D