General Terms of Service & Use

These terms define what you as a user are subject to, by using this website you are agreeing to these terms. Not following the terms can lead to the removal of content or bans. Although in specific circumstances context matters and we will take this into account before deciding to carry out certain actions.

  • You are over the age of 18, Lewd.It is an adult website and by signing up you are declaring you are over the age of 18.
  • You will not use our platform to discriminate against individuals or groups based on their race, age, gender, disability, nationality, religion or political affiliations.
  • You will not use the platform to promote extremism or groups associated with violence.
  • You will not spread misinformation or promote falsehoods.
  • You will not use the website to harass or abuse other users; as this can be a subjective matter to manage we will always investigate the case before carrying out any action.
  • You will not use the platform to incite threats or violence upon anyone.

Community Guidelines

Although these are not strictly enforced on the website we recommend you take these into consideration whilst using the website. In very extreme circumstances we may enforce these as rules, however that is only in circumstances where we believe the individual is creating a hostile environment.

  • We ask you to avoid being political on the platform. This community will have many different people with different backgrounds and opinions, we ask you respect that. Although we understand in circumstances artwork can be used to approach ideas, we also want to provide a pleasant experience and political conversations tend to lead to hostility.
  • We recommend you remain civil in comments sections when possible.
  • If in the case of your content being flagged please do not get hostile with the administration team. The flag was given for a reason and we will be less likely to listen to your appeal if you are hostile towards us. If we have made a mistake, we will fix it, please be patient with us and send us a message pointing to our errors.

Creator Terms and Guidelines

All the other terms and guidelines apply for creators like they would for users. However these following terms only apply for users with a creator account. Some of these terms are based on legal requirements, if you have any problems or intend to post content that breaks the following terms we recommend you go elsewhere. We hold a no tolerance policy for breaking some of these terms however in select circumstances we may accept an appeal.

  • You will not post anything that either, fits into one of these categories or is considered 'Extreme' by UK Extreme Pornography Laws
    • Content that includes a minor or a person who looks and appears to be a minor. This includes content such as lolicon or shotacon and cub content; this does not include shortstacks, people with small breasts, or people with some child-like features.
    • Content that includes or shows animals or ferals partaking in sexual intercourse or other sexual acts with a person or another animal. This does not include anthromorphic creatures or monsters.
    • Content that includes extreme physical harm or death of a person where the intention is to be sexualised.
    • Content that includes people partaking in the exchange or release of bodily solids.
    • Content that includes photography of real people.**
  • You will not use your blog in a way that incriminates yourself or others
  • You will not use your blog to abuse or maliciously discriminate against anyone
  • You will not post any content made by other people and claim it to be yours
  • You will not post content that is or includes another artist's work without permission
  • Links you post will be secure and not lead to any sites that are malicious
  • You should avoid posting content that uses Intellectual Property (e.g. models, characters) from companies known for DMCA takedowns.
    • We won't directly take down any posts unless requested to by the respective companies or authors; though there won't be any hesitency if requested to by these companies or authors.
  • You declare that you are responsible for what you say, do, or post on Lewd.It